We are ZAGO


We pursue a dream, with love

We keep on fostering the persistent dream of Elio Zago, the founder of Zago Moulds Solutions: to ensure safety, health, and comfort to all feet all over the world.

Since 1958, we have been co-creating and manufacturing high-quality moulds tested with the most recent injection technologies. Since then not only we have been fully respectful of our industrial field standards, but we have been often outperforming. That’s why our products have been inspiring footwear manufacturers all over the world.

Because Zago is synonym of excellence: not only a way of being, but above all a way of doing.

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Our Strenghts

The Customer First

Actively listening to your needs and sharing all the steps along the project are our commitment to your success. We develop concrete proposals and tailored solutions, which are the result of more than half a century of pioneering experience in the moulds for footwear field. This is how we inspire our customers around the world to face the challenges of the market and overcome the obstacles of everyday production.

How We Achieve Results

We share technologies, innovation and best practices to regularly improve our moulds.
Thanks to the learnings from the challenges of the past, we constantly anticipate the needs of shoe manufacturers and foster knowledge exchange among our internal team and with our customers. To successfully face today the ambitious challenges of tomorrow's injection.

Not Just the Moulds

Moulds? Yes, but not solely. In addition, we offer an extensive range of tailored designs and finishings, custom accessories, special aesthetic textures, reconditioning and fast repairs to contrast accidents during night cycles.
We also pay close attention to mould flows from and to your production sites — wherever you are in the world. We deliver perfectly on time, and we ensure a highly efficient pre- and post-sales service in order to optimise the production start-up times.

Value-added Services

We offer the most cutting-edge technologies available on the footwear moulds market as well as its best applications thanks to the care with which we select our materials.
When you choose us as a partner for your projects, be sure you will obtain constant updates and state-of-the-art solutions that improve production processes, increase productivity and significantly reduce production costs.


We share all steps with your consultants and contractors, with designers, shoe last manufacturers (FagusGrecon, Fmt) and modellers, with rubber and TPU sole moulders (Vibram, Rubbermac, Delta, Rubex, Komponenty, GlacialLakes, Tecnocrom, CauchosArnedo), as well as with your upper manufacturers and material suppliers (Basf, Huntsman, Repi).
Technical principles and multi-level skills are exchanged across the working group and we manage and coordinate the operations of each project.

The Value in People

Zago Injection Moulds concretely creates a competitive advantage because we put the value of our partners and co-workers at the heart of our corporate culture. The final aim is significant personal and professional development.
“One Step Ahead. Together". This motto highlights our identity, merging past, present and future. It pervades the relationships we have built with all our partners.

The environment, at the heart of our values

We take particular care of our environmental ecosystem and the future of the planet. Environmental sustainability is at the heart of our company values. Concretely we are committed to respecting the artic environment saving 185 tons of CO2 each year with our own solar panel system.

The mountains in our hearts

Mountaineering and winter sports are a family passion, passed down together with valuable knowledge of the world of footwear from generation to generation.

When storm Vaia hit the Dolomites in 2018, it did not only leave a scar on the majestic peaks of Trentino Alto-Adige and their ecosystem, but also on all of us who have learned to love them over the years.

This is why we have decided to make a commitment to help restore the UNESCO World Heritage mountains and their forests after the tragedy by becoming a partner of Trentino Tree Agreement.

Tomorrow's footwear technology. Today.