26/08/19 We put our best foot forward

We put our best foot forward. And we are proud of it.

For over 60 years, we have been developing new ideas to provide feet with greater safety, health and comfort. We are designers and manufacturers of high-quality moulds for direct injection of polyurethane onto upper for professional boots.

Why polyurethane (PU)?

Because of its undisputed qualities, which have been widely recognized by the footwear market over the last 40 years and because it is clearly superior to PVC. An example: the tiny millions of air bubbles in the polyurethane provide the product with very high insulation.

Polyurethane (PU) differs from other raw materials used in the industry of moulds with direct injection on the uppers because it is soft, elastic and comfortable. These three properties give the final product – the professional boots – high resistance to low temperatures.

Long story short, the undisputed qualities of polyurethane are:

  • excellent comfort
  • lightness
  • very high anti-slip property
  • flexibility at low temperatures
  • they fulfil the safety standards in the workplace established by international legislation

The professional boots are perfect footwear for the following fields:

  • healthcare
  • food
  • agriculture
  • industry (metallurgical and petrochemical)
  • fishing and hunting



BOOT – PU moulds for professional boots

Our product BOOT – PU moulds for professional boots – completes our range of moulds for direct injection of polyurethane onto upper:

  • SAFETY – for professional footwear used in professional contexts that require a high degree of foot protection (construction sites, engineering and metallurgic industry, mining industry, oil platforms, military industry, army)
  • TREKKING – for footwear designed for hiking on rough surfaces
  • CASUAL – for shoes made for urban contexts whose design enhances comfort and practicality
  • OUTDOOR – for technical footwear designed for outdoor sports whose design focuses more on stability, cushioning on the back, adherence to the ground and waterproofness

Why might you be interested in our moulds, if you are a professional boot manufacturer?

Those who put their feet in our hands met great satisfaction. Customers from all over the world have ordered Zago moulds because they have recognized our company as a forerunner in the footwear industry. Great attention to customers’ engagement in co-design and prototyping processes, considerable focus on market trends, development and innovation is the poker of values that we put on the table. At our meetings with who want to put their feet in our hands.

Some say that a good mould starts from the feet. We know that an excellent mould starts with safety in mind.

Let’s be honest: a great job requires high security and comfort. Who works in the footwear market knows it very well. We do, too.

We have been working behind the scenes for two generations: our work begins and ends before boots become boots. But its shape, comfort and safety are formed in our hands.     

Yes, we put our best foot forward. And we are proud of it.

Customers from the four corners of the world say we do a great job.

Tomorrow’s Footwear Technology. Today.