How important is certainty today?

Here at Zago we can guarantee the same result that you expected from the outset. We can follow all project phases, ensuring complete comprehension of the requirements with particular attention to specific needs.

We can offer personalised solutions based on your production requirements, with the guarantee of all-round consultancy, specialised and flexible support to accompany you through to final testing.

Giorgio Zago, son of the company founder, personally follows clients to ensure, thanks to an innate vocation and in-depth knowledge of the product, the best mould consultancy available in the footwear industry today.


Here all information converges, where intuition becomes reality.

Through the development of a 2D design, which enables us to transmit the technical details promptly for access to all, and 3D modelling, with the advantage of a three dimensional rendering to support definition and communication, we produce the final image of your product. “Computer-Aided Manufacturing” enables us to generate each tool path to send to the numerical control machines for the construction of the final product, which will reflect exactly the model selected in the start-up phase.


A good starting point makes all the difference

This is the very reason why we aim at service and all-round assistance to enable us to work alongside our clients in co-design, offering step by step control of the entire design phase, through a proven system of sharing over the Internet.


We make the impossible possible, unique to each design.

Our technological skills enable us to offer clients the option of evaluating the final result of the project before we actually construct the mould. For this purpose a physical high resolution model is produced (mockup), the ideal means to enable a selection of the optimal style for integration in the final mould.