10/09/2019 How to achieve a high level of optimization

Achieving a high level of optimization when starting production is a considerable challenge. Testing, in one word.

Through Zago Moulds Solutions testing, you can raise optimization up to over 90%, while usually starting production without testing might be leap of faith.

Thanks to the partnership with some of the best machinery manufacturers, we now have mould holders and auxiliary components which provide an optimal start-up for your production. We are the only mould manufactures able to perform:

  • Testing for PU / PU footwear and compound materials TPU / PU, RUBBER/ PU, RPU for Desma, Stemma, MainGroup machinery technologies
  • Testing for PU boots, PU / PU, RUBBER / PU for Desma, Gusbi, MainGroup machinery technologies

Starting production by testing a certain material represents an optimization level of 99 – 100%. We all know that. However, this is virtually unattainable due to the considerable amount of money and resources required. Knowing and accepting one’s limits is not a sign of weakness. For Zago it is rather a sign of wisdom, along with the experience of more than 60 years of mould manufacture and supply for the footwear industry. So, today, Zago Moulds Solutions is able to guarantee an optimization level of 95%. Wherever you are preparing your next footwear production.

That is how it works: in the final testing phase, a real injection is carried out. In our factory, we use one of the most performing PU direct injection technology. Therefore, we know we can ensure you a perfect result. A tested result, precisely. Even before the mould enters production.

At this point, you – shoe manufacturer and our client – come into play. Let’s face it: we do different jobs, but we share the same ambitious goal: offering the end customer – your shoes buyer – a healthy, safe and comfortable walk.

Thanks to our PU injection moulds, which are tested twice, you will be ready to reduce production start-up times. Specifically, only Zago moulds are tested for machinery technologies:

PU FOOTWEAR – Desma, Stemma, MainGroup

PU BOOT – Desma, Gusbi, MainGroup

Mold testing (or PU injection-testing) requires high specialization, which is the result of experience, research, study and attempts. In our new Production Department and with the highest performing technology on the mould market so far, we are laying the foundations for your next optimal start-up: punctually and at competitive costs.

Thanks to a latest-generation PU / PU injection machine, we perform a real injection and we are able to offer not only the prototype mould test but also realize standard sizes. With the uppers you supply us, BASF polyurethane and REPI dyes, we carefully check: flow thickness, bubbles, flashes and the final aesthetics. And only then, we deliver you the tested moulds. At this point, you may start your production with at least 95% optimization level, but it may be even higher.

Thanks to our most advanced infrastructure facility and to our mastery deriving from 60 years of experience in mould production, we are now able to adequately respond to the two biggest challenges that a footwear manufacturer must face before the start-up of a new production: start-up time and production costs. As for the first, we may help you to remarkably reduce them. As for the latter, also.