03/09/2020 We protect those who protect us

Since 1958, Zago Moulds Solutions has been putting its best foot forward and has been doing so through highly skilled and experienced hands and the most advanced mould technologies in the footwear industry.

Among the feet that crossed our hands, there are many patrolling the hottest areas of our planet every day. They are feet belonging to the departments of Defence – Army and Police – scattered to the four corners of the earth.

We have always paid constant attention to the defence footwear sector. Safety is a key factor at work, even more so when it comes to high-risk jobs like those dealing with security every day: the army and the police.

For this reason, our company has designed and manufactured top-quality moulds for the best European armies and for various mobile and emergency departments working in the most adverse conditions. In Sant’Angelo di Piove, in the province of Padua, ongoing for more than 60 years.

Since our foundation, we have not only met the standards established in our field, but we have mostly surpassed the expectations of our clients. We have always managed to be one step ahead by providing safety, health and maximum comfort to protect those who protect us daily.

Zago has always meant moulds. We have been designing millions of moulds with the only aim of offering maximum comfort in conditions of maximum adversity for those who are put in life and death situations all the time.

Thanks to our know-how and the use of futuristic technologies, we may currently offer six types of high-quality moulds:

  • SAFETY | Workplace
  • TREKKING | Uneven Ground
  • CASUAL | Everyday Walk
  • OUTDOOR | Outdoor Sport
  • MILITARY | Tactical Situations
  • BOOT | Thermo-Grip Environment

Zago Moulds Solutions keep on doing its best to keep alive the bold dream of Elio Zago, its founder: to provide the highest-quality moulds. Currently, tested with the highest-performance injection machines: PU, RUBBER-PU, RUBBER-RUBBER, TPU-PU.

Here, in Zago, excellence it is not just a way of being. It is above all a way of doing.